We know far too well that not ALL New Mexicans have health insurance. Some of the barriers include: not being able to afford it and the person’s legal status. What would you do if you had a medical condition/illness, but didn’t want to go to your physician due to lack of health coverage? Sometimes situations are life threatening.  However, New Mexicans without insurance are scared to have an emergency room visit only to receive a medical bill of a few thousand dollars which only increases their debt.

All hope is not gone, the HB 416 Medicaid Buy-In Act would provide greater access to quality and affordable healthcare by implementing a program that would allow New Mexicans that are currently under 200% of Federal Poverty Level and not eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or Affordable Care Act Subsidies to pay a monthly premium and “buy-in” to Medicaid – by January 2021.

This bill would also allow families who are undocumented, affordable health insurance options which eliminates the fear of getting a costly medical bill after receiving care.

These efforts are a step forward for the state of New Mexico to give access to affordable medical care to the underserved residents. If you would like these efforts to take full effect, you can call your NM legislator and urge them to support Medicaid for ALL.

Please note:  today, non-residents have access New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool (e.i.: “The Pool”) which provides a low-income premium subsidy program.  If you need coverage today and are not eligible for other coverage, please call us at:  505-830-2191.