It’s hard to keep a social, work, school, and active life, right? You do one, two, or maybe even three of those things with success throughout the days. But some days you may be able to succeed at only one of them and that’s okay. This month we want to talk about the benefits of having an active lifestyle.

Something that prevents us from exercising is time to go to the gym, or some of us don’t have a sitter for the kids. Does that sound familiar? And what if you’re too tired on top of that? We can begin by taking baby steps and take a 15 minute walk around our workplace, this can be the beginning to a lifetime of benefits.

Getting your body active can bring health benefits and potentially help you stay out of the doctors office. Exercising regularly can prevent minor to serious diseases and can help you improve strength and agility.

Talk with your co-workers and decide how you want to stay active and begin TODAY! Encourage each other and stay consistent.