On any given day in America, nearly 380,000 children are in foster care. If nothing changes 161,000 youth will age out of foster care by 2020. For those who age out, they often have poorer outcomes as adults than those that end up with a permanent family. In efforts to reduce the amount from people in the welfare system, giving them the necessary tools for a successful transition for the child, family, and community.

For organizations like Children’s Bureau and Child Welfare Information Gateway, the main goal is to reduce the children in foster care and build hope for vulnerable children and families across America. By providing educational resources to the children and families, the Children’s Bureau and Child Welfare Information Gateway hope to accomplish that and strengthen families.

For some children – those who suffer from abuse or severe neglect – a foster home provides a safe haven and stability. Removal from their homes creates long lasting traumatic responses that by providing services and support there’s desire to overcome those barriers.

It is their mission to build safe communities of hope where neighborhoods are safe and supportive, families are strong, so that these children can live their life at their best.