Donate Life America has made this year’s theme to be a bicycle, know why? Because “we each carry the potential to help make LIFE a beautiful ride for ourselves, and then for others, by registering as a donor, considering living donation, being a caregiver and championing the cause.”


Did you know:

  • 80% of patients on the waiting list are waiting for a kidney
  • 12% of patients on the waiting list need a liver
  • Nearly one-third of all deceased donors are age 50 or older; more than 7% are age 65+
  • In 2018, more than 36,500 transplants brought renewed life to patients and their families and communities (from more than 10,700 deceased and 6,800 living donors)
  • Nearly 60% of patients awaiting lifesaving transplants are minorities

Are you registered as organ, eye, and tissue donors? If not, would you consider giving the GIFT OF LIFE to others and transform their darkest moments into something beautiful – completely invaluable. One organ and tissue donor can save lives of more than 8 people after donor’s death.

Anyone can be a potential organ donor regardless of age, race, or medical history. Adults can also make living donations like a kidney, or part of an organ (liver).






Source: Donate Life America