As of today, the Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land, New Mexico insurance carriers are working to ensure stable access and affordable health insurance to all Americans regardless of health status. There are no changes for current or 2019 coverage as well as enrollment through or through state-run Marketplaces.

Democratic state attorneys general took their first step Monday to appeal the ObamaCare unconstitutional ruling. This step comes days following Texas Judge, Reed O’Connor’s ruling Friday night on the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

O’Connor ruled that the ACA was invalid saying, “the individual mandate can no longer be fairly read as an exercise of Congress’s Tax Power and is still impermissible under the Interstate Commerce Clause – meaning the individual mandate is unconstitutional.”

What’s in jeopardy?

  • Preexisting condition clause can come back
  • Subsidy
  • Expanded dependent coverage under of 26

The state officials asked that Judge Reed O’Connor issue an order that the ACA is still the law or that he issue a stay on the impacts of the ruling while the case is appealed and asked for a response by Friday, December 21.